1965/66/67 session laws – Ch.151 Sec.2


The chapter text below is provided for context. Scroll down to see the text of the law.

CHAPTER 151 AN ACT TO AUTHORIZE THE DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH TO CONTINUE THE WRIGHT SCHOOL AT DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, FOR THE TREATMENT AND EDUCATION OF EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED CHILDREN. WHEREAS, the Wright School for emotionally disturbed children has been operated by the Department of Mental Health, primarily from Federal grants and private contributions; and WHEREAS, it has been demonstrated that emotionally disturbed children at the Wright School have shown marked improvement after a stay of four to six months in said school; and WHEREAS, the Wright School has made an important contribution to the education and training of numerous teachers, education and mental health personnel who work with emotionally disturbed children in public schools and mental health programs in North Carolina; and WHEREAS, the Wright School is a complimentary facility which would help solve the manpower problems in the mental health field, creating a pattern for more effective use of trained psychiatrists, social workers, educators and psychologists; and WHEREAS, the Wright School is a unique program providing a learn- ing experience for disturbed children and has developed new and improved 201 procedures, materials and curricula for the treatment and education of emotionally disturbed children in North Carolina: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

All laws and clauses of laws in conflict with this Act are hereby repealed.

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