1883 private laws – Ch.15 Sec.1


The chapter text below is provided for context. Scroll down to see the text of the law.

CHAPTER 15 An act to incorporate the North Carolina Colored Christian Con- ference. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact ;

That Moses Fike, Joseph Mann, W. M. Hayes, Samuel Foy, Thomas Bullock, G. W. Dunn, Jackson Jefireys, Robert McKinsy, Robert Preddy, Jacob Onslow, J. F. Mitchell, S. L. Long, Norfleet White, Robert Cook, William Bullock, William Fenner, H. K. Kearney, Nelson Alston, Turner Levister, Clayton Cook, W. M. Nicholson, H. E. Long, J. L. Long, their associates and successors, be and the same are hereby declared a body politic and corporate under the name and style of The North Carolina Colored Christian Conference, and as such shall have power to purchase and hold real and personal estate, to sue and be sued by their corporate name, to use a common seal, and to make such rules and by-laws as may be necessary for their good government.

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