1965/66/67 session laws – Ch.297 Sec.1


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CHAPTER 297 AN ACT TO AMEND THE CHARTER OF THE TOWN OF GIBSON- VILLE. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

Chapter 675 of the Session Laws of 1957 is hereby amended by inserting therein, between Section 25 and Section 26 thereof, the following to be designated as Section 25.1: Sec. 25.1. Liens for Utility Charges. In case any charge for utility service or for the use of utility facilities, including but not limited to water supply and distribution, is not paid within 10 days after it becomes due, the same shall become a lien upon the property served or in connection with which the service or facility is used provided that the owner of the property is in actual possession thereof at the time the service for which the charge hereunder is made was rendered. The charge may at any time thereafter be collected, either by suit in the name of the Town of Gibsonville or by the Tax Collector for the Town of Gibsonville, by the sale of the property upon which the lien attaches at the County Courthouse door of the county in which said property is located, after advertising the sale once a week for four successive weeks in some newspaper published in the county in which said property is located, having circulation in the Town of Gibsonville, which is qualified to carry legal notices. The sale shall be made under the same rules and regulations, and subject to the same costs and penalties and to the same rights of redemption as are provided by law for the foreclosure of the lien on real estate for taxes.

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